“In the Arizona Phoenix Mission…”

What’s life like as a missionary? What’s life like as a missionary in Arizona? Well, for starters, we sure see a lot of these every day:


But, that’s probably one of my favorite things. Cactuses are new to me, having grown up in humid, cold Wisconsin. I have yet to pass my first summer here with the crazy heat, but you know what? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Because I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We missionaries don’t get paid for what we do. In fact, we actually pay to leave everything behind (family, friends, schooling, work…) and go to parts unknown.

We don’t get to choose where we go. We don’t even get to suggest where we’d like to go. We just send in a big application filled with medical papers and ecclesiastical papers saying that we’re in good standing with the church and a couple weeks later a big white envelope comes in the mail that tells us where we’re going. Sometimes it’ll say we’re going somewhere exotic like Chile or South Africa or somewhere in Asia or Europe. Or sometimes it’ll tell us that we’re heading over to another part of the same country. But no matter what that letter says, we immediately know as soon as we read it that we are called exactly where we need to go. (Even if your brother lives 20 minutes away from your first apartment…)

I love what I do. It’s not easy. Some days you just want to go home and curl up in your bed and stay there for days. But you just have to push through it. And at the end of the day? It’s always worth it.

Come along with me! I’ll share my days with you, the good ones and the bad, and help you see just how amazing it is to be a part of the true church of Jesus Christ and seeing the light it brings into the lives of those you meet.



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