Everything I need to Know I Learned from Mom and Dad (part 1 of many)

“Turn off the lights when you leave the room.”

This is probably one of the biggest battles my parents had with me when I was growing up. I had a horrible habit of leaving the lights on when I left the room. I just remember Mom and Dad telling me time and time again to turn the lights off.

Or, in other words, don’t waste your energy on something that’s not going to be useful. Lights are there when you need them but if they’re just turned on and serving no purpose? That’s a waste of everyone’s energy. It’s not doing anyone good, least of all yourself. Yeah, maybe leaving them on means they’ll be on when you go back into the room, but while you’re gone?

So what are you spending your time and energy on? Something that’s of little to no worth? Something that you won’t be able to take with you? Or are you spending time on your family, your intelligence, and the important things in life? Where are your priorities? On things of the world or things of real importance?

What matters most is what lasts the longest.

Check out your priorities. Is it on money or things that will fade? Or is it on your family, the bonds that you have that will stay with you longer than you know?

I know I’ve had a lot of time to reorganize my priorities lately. And you know what? I’ve never been happier in my life.


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