My Book of Mormon Superhero

This morning I was reading in the Book of Mormon (as usual) and I was really excited when I came upon my Book of Mormon Superhero.

So who could it be?

Nephi, who was faithful and obedient?

Helaman and his 2000 Stripling Warriors who defended their families and were firm in the faith?

Captain Moroni, who erected the Standard of Liberty?

Abinadi, who was the only one who stood up to defend what was right even though it cost him his life?

Alma the Elder, who was thrown out of his position of power because he believed Abinadi?

Alma the Younger? Samuel the Lamanite? Mormon? Moroni?

Answer: none of the above.

Nope, it isn’t anyone who’s given chapters and chapters and mountains of detail.

My Book of Mormon superhero is Shiblon. Shiblon, the son of Alma the Younger, a humble missionary trying to do his best, who is mentioned here and there in the Book of Mormon but only gets one chapter (15 verses) to himself.

For someone with such little “play time” in a book with over 230 chapters, what is it about him that makes him stand out so much? After all, his older brother is Helaman and his younger brother got yelled at for breaking some pretty major commandments. He might not have been Helaman, but he was doing good things! And he only got one chapter??

First of all, go and read that chapter if you’re wondering why that is.

Shiblon was persecuted for what he believed. He was trying to be the best missionary he could and he didn’t get a lot in return. He stuck to his guns, per se, and kept persevering. Enduring to the end. He just kept going, doing what he knew was right, he didn’t waver.

It’s definitely something to aspire to! How many of us put our mind to do something or change something, only to waver when the time comes to really stand strong?  It’s hard sometimes, when we’re trying so hard and nothing is going right, to keep on going. This week was crazy for us, but I know that we did the best that we could with it. We’re not perfect. We make mistakes. But when we put it all in the Lord’s hands, then He can take care of the rest.

I’m not the most eloquent person in the world. I’m also not a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. But Elder Michael T Ringwood is. And his Book of Mormon hero is the same as mine!

Shiblon is definitely someone to look up to. I look forward to meeting him in the Celestial Kingdom.


Questions? Comments? Leave them here!

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