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Everything I Need to Know… (part 7)

Watch your step!

This is a lesson I had to learn early in life. They called me “Crash” for a little while thanks to my adventures in knocking out my three front teeth by falling down the stairs and breaking my arm not long after. I looked a bit like this little girl on the left…


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Everything I Need to Know… (part 6)

I get it from my dad.

Until I’d been a missionary for some time, I never quite realized just how much I have in common with my dad. My ridiculous sense of humor? Yeah. I get it from my dad… And I love it.

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Everything I Need to Know… (part 4)

“It’s part of growing up.”

I’ve got three words for you:

Life. Is. Hard.

If you’re anywhere from 8 to 888 years old, you’re probably well aware of this fact. And if you’re not yet, you will be soon. Continue reading Everything I Need to Know… (part 4)

Everything I Need to Know… (part 3)

Be yourself!

So this one isn’t exactly a direct quote from Mom and Dad, but it’s a combination of many things that all add together into one. In my own words, I’ve always been sort of an odd duck. The whole belonging thing is one I couldn’t really wrap my head around. I mean, I understood why belonging is important, but how the popularity thing worked has always been a bit beyond me. That made life in school a little bit difficult for me.

College wasn’t any different. I tried making friends and being who I thought I needed to be to make friends. I wasn’t happy but I didn’t know that, hey, it might actually be ok to be myself. Until I finally decided that I was tired of trying to be someone I really wasn’t and just stopped. I decided to do what I wanted to do and liked to do, even if it was a bit different from what everyone else was doing, and hope I found someone to join me along the way.

Fortunately, I did. I found my best friend. And though my parents don’t always agree with my choices in what movies I watch, I’ve explained my thinking and the way I see it, and they’ve accepted it and accept me for the way I am. I can feel their love for me and their desire that I reach the dreams that are so important to me. Continue reading Everything I Need to Know… (part 3)

Everything I Need to Know… (part 2 of many)

“When you wash one dish, wash them all.”

I’m sure my companions and former roommates and future spouse all thank you for the cleaning things you’ve taught me. But I was thinking about it as I did the dishes the other day. It’s just nice and common sense, if you think about it. If you’re going to wash one dish, you might as well get the rest of them as well. Otherwise it’s just plain rude to everyone else in the house/apartment, don’t you think?

I think so.

In other words… Don’t leave anyone out.

I wish I had been better at this one when I was younger. Growing up is impossibly hard sometimes and it’s easy to get lost out there in all the confusion, trying to find yourself and fit in (though eventually you find out “fitting in” isn’t all it’s made out to be)… But I recently learned just how important it is to remember how each and everyone one of us is a child of God and to treat everyone as such. Continue reading Everything I Need to Know… (part 2 of many)

Everything I need to Know I Learned from Mom and Dad (part 1 of many)

“Turn off the lights when you leave the room.”

This is probably one of the biggest battles my parents had with me when I was growing up. I had a horrible habit of leaving the lights on when I left the room. I just remember Mom and Dad telling me time and time again to turn the lights off.

Or, in other words, don’t waste your energy on something that’s not going to be useful. Lights are there when you need them but if they’re just turned on and serving no purpose? That’s a waste of everyone’s energy. It’s not doing anyone good, least of all yourself. Yeah, maybe leaving them on means they’ll be on when you go back into the room, but while you’re gone?

So what are you spending your time and energy on? Something that’s of little to no worth? Something that you won’t be able to take with you? Or are you spending time on your family, your intelligence, and the important things in life? Where are your priorities? On things of the world or things of real importance? Continue reading Everything I need to Know I Learned from Mom and Dad (part 1 of many)

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Mom and Dad…

… And applied on my mission. (:

My parents are incredible, as are many other parents around the world. I was giving it some thought the other day and I realized that many of the things I learned from my parents as I was growing up were things that I’ve been applying in real life all without realizing it. I will be writing a series about the things that I’ve learned from Mom and Dad and just what I’ve learned since then about those things.

Thanks Mom and Dad. I couldn’t have done it without you. (: